Smash Tournaments in Massachusetts

A simple table that lists known SSBM/PM tournaments/weeklies in MA.

Note: AAO means "active as of," which means it is a weekly tournament and has been known to be still active as of the date given. MO/TU/WE/TH/FR/SA/SU denote the day the weekly is on.

Name Date Location Game ID
Monday Night Smash Weekly AAO/MO — 3/27/17 Tewksbury, MA Melee 1
Blacklisted 3 6/24/17 Natick, MA Project M 2
Smashing Grounds PM/Melee Weekly AAO/TH 3/23/17 Natick, MA N/A 3
TOURNEY4 2/27/17 Deerfield, MA N/A 4
TOURNEY5 6/12/17 Chelsea, MA N/A 5
TOURNEY6 6/21/17 Boston, MA N/A 6