About Me — Cameron Dolson

"A self-motivated and determined worker."

STATIC — My name is Cameron Dolson, but some people call me Cam. I much rather prefer Cameron though. I’m 16, turning 17 in August, and my hometown is Northbridge, Massachusetts, but I lived in Grafton for a year or so. I attend Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, and I’m Junior. I have lots of things I enjoy doing on a daily basis. My hobbies include playing video games, playing football with my friends, playing instruments, and riding my bike around my neighborhood. I’m interested in Web Design, 3D Modeling Design, and Information Technology as a future career choice. I’m currently in the Information Technology shop.

My first five character strengths are as follows: Humor, Leadership, Creativity, Bravery, and Teamwork, and I believe these define me very well. I am a humorous and comical person, but in critical or crucial times can be serious and take the lead. I usually take a commanding role in anything I’m a part of, and if not, I’m an able teammate. I am also a creative person, which is why I want to go into 3D Modeling or something similar. Finally, there is bravery. I’m not the kind of brave that would charge into a fight, I’m the brave that isn’t afraid to try new things, or take risks. These strengths speak to me by defining who I am, and what my personality is.

There are a multitude of things that can put me in a positive mood. One is talking to friends and having fun. Without my friends, I wouldn’t really be happy at all. What makes me happy is knowing that my friends are there and always have my back. Something else would be doing what I do best. Working with computers. I have been familiarized with computers and how they work for about six or seven years. I’ve always felt fascinated by computers, so I’m happy when working with them. My positive engagement towards computers was passed down from my father, who works with computers as an IT Administrator at Cardinal Health. Without him, I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in computers and programming.

When I feel most natural, I am probably programming, designing, or socializing. I program different languages on a computer, and I’m somewhat skilled with it. When I start to work on coding, I feel focused on what I’m doing, and never just give up. I’m interested in 3D Modeling too, so sometimes I use some modeling programs such as Autodesk Maya or 3DS Max and design anything that comes to mind. I self-taught myself how to use these programs, and when I do, I feel very comfortable with the layout and tools presented to me. Lastly, when I socialize with friends, I feel pretty happy. I’m a sociable person, and I feel in my element when I’m around friends or family.

I have a multitude of people that support me in what I do. The primary ones being my family. My family will support me no matter what I do, whether it be choosing a job or choosing a shop. I’m closest to my family when it comes to support, because my mom, dad, and sister are happy with whatever I do. Other people that will support me are my friends. My friends are my friends for a reason. They will back me up and support me 95% of the time. Without my friends, I wouldn’t feel the motivation to get into any job or something of the sort. My friends give me almost half of the support I need, so without them, I wouldn’t try to do anything. There are a lot of things that can classify as “bringing meaning to my life.” One thing that means a lot to me is my love for computers. I’m a tech savvy person, and I really love working with computers. I even want to become a programmer later in life. Something else that makes my life have meaning is my relationships. My relationships with my friends and family, to be precise. I wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for my family and/or friends. It wouldn’t mean that much to me if I didn’t have friends or family with a strong bond or connection with me.

For accomplishments, I can think of plenty that define me as who I am. One accomplishment that really speaks to me is how I self-taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I just feel that it’s really amazing that I somehow had the capability and interest to teach myself the fundamental languages to web design. I’m not sure why or when I was interested in web design, but somehow I just knew that I wanted to learn. Without classes, instructors, or other people guiding me, I was able to look at online documentation and sample projects to teach myself effective webcode. My other accomplishment is getting 4th at SkillsUSA for Computer Programming. I’m really proud of myself getting 4th because, even though I didn’t make it to the States competition, I self-taught myself anything and everything about programming without a programming teacher leading me. Mr. Kelly was able to help me as well, but it was predominantly self-taught during shop. Knowing that I did better than students with a programming class for 2-3 years, and I just had myself, really boosted my positive attitude towards programming, and I knew that if I really dedicated myself to it, I could get better.