C.J. Dolson

Hey, welcome to my site. I go by Cameron, and I am an A+ certified IT technician and game server developer and director. I'm interested in the CIT (Computer Information Systems) field and hopefully becoming a System Administrator later in life. I plan to attend a community college for two years and transfer to UMass Amherst to gain my Bachelor's degree in CIT. At the time of writing this, I'm moderately adequate/experienced with forum softwares such as MyBB (specifically), XenForo, and a background in hosting game servers, developing virtual private servers, configuring Cisco networks, and basic web development and design.

Site under development

STATIC — Please be aware that the site is still under development, so understand that any issues, bugs, typos, grammar mistakes, etc., will be fixed at a later date. Thanks!

Hyperfine.pro - A gaming community

04/14/17 — Hyperfine is a network of gaming communities and game servers created by myself. Currently, we have one community under our name, Tempest Roleplay, a serious roleplaying server in Garry's Mod for the Clockwork: Half-Life 2 Roleplay schema and framework. The goal of Hyperfine is to create a place for gamers and eSports fanatics alike to have a place to share and converse with each other on equal grounds. You can check out the website here.

Currently, this project is PARTIALLY ACTIVE.

SmashList - Massachusetts local tournies, friendlies, and weeklies.

03/22/17 — SmashList is a web-based database that lists all known local Melee/PM tournaments, friendlies, and weeklies in Massachusetts. The idea was inspired by SSBM Tutorial's video here. You can check out the current live version of the project here.

Currently, this project is INACTIVE.